Faye Talmage Myrick
Faye was born in Godfrey, IL on Dec 03, 1903, the daughter of Willard Augustus and Alice Lucy (Musson) Talmage. The family moved from farm to farm in Illinois, renting the farms but buying wonderful farm machinery. Faye and her brother Willard were very close all their lives and grew up best friends playing in the fields on the farms. In 1918 when Faye was 14, the Family moved to Jenks, OK, where her father farmed and later owned a restaurant.
Faye's Jerseyville, IL graduating Class
Faye with a friend in her Father's Jenks restuarant

Faye went to Central State Teachers College at Edmond, OK. She "got a school with her 3rd grade certificate" and started teaching at a one room schoolhouse in the Black Dog Township near the bridge over Keystone Lake.

Joel Harrison Myrick and his father had a grocery store near the school. Joel was the postmaster and the Post Office was in the store. Faye met him when she went for her mail. Faye was 18 in December and was married in January 1922. In late September, her son Vernon was born several months prematurely while Faye was home alone. She put him in a shoe box and waited for Joel to get home.

Shortly after that, Faye and Joel moved back to Jenks to live with her Father and Mother, Gus and Lucy, brother Willard, and Uncle Sam Talmage, and the family lived together from then on.

In 1926, Joel's brother Charles married a girl that worked for the American News Company. They wanted to go on a honeymoon and the boss told her she could have time off if she found someone to take her place. She asked Faye to work in her place for a week, and Faye went - and stayed 31 years until they folded their offices in about 1957! Soon after that Faye went to work for the Tulsa World Newspaper, retiring from there in the early 70's. For some of that time, especially during the Depression when her brother lost his job, Faye was the sole supporter for the six members of the family.

Faye's family left Jenks in May of 1929 and moved to Tulsa.

Vernon lived with her for her entire life except for a ten year period when his job as a CPA took him to Denver.