Abraham & Abigail Voorhees
Abraham Talmage was born on November 07, 1787 and married Abigail Voorhees who was born on June 14, 1790. In 1840 Abraham and Abigail lived in Bedminster Township, NJ with their family. By 1850 they had moved to Bernards, Somerset County, NJ, where they were members of the Reformed Dutch Church. Their graves are in Mendham, NJ at the Hilltop Presbyterian Church and Cemetery on 'Talmage Road'.
Gravestone of Abraham Talmage
Gravestone of Abigail Voorhees
Pictures of Church & Cemetery
Hilltop Church and Cemetery, Mendham NJ - from Google Earth
A little bit about the Church:
Hilltop Presbyterian Church was founded in 1735, by Ebenezer Byram. The church was first located in a log cabin at the crest of the Ralston section of Mendham Township.
During the winter of 1779 it served as a hospital for the Continental Army during Washington's stay in Morristown.

On February 20, 1859,
(One month before Abraham Talmage died) a bitterly cold night, the fire gong sounded the alarm. It was 10:00 pm and the Hilltop Church was a mass of flames. The hill was so covered with ice and snow that men had to crawl on their hands an knees to reach the summit. Nothing could be done to save the building. The present sanctuary was dedicated in April of 1860 and cost a grand total of $9583.
The time prior to and throughout the Civil War were times of crisis for Hilltop Church. In 1856, the Reverend Theodore White was installed as Pastor. A strong and vocal abolitionist, Mr. White split the congregation when he brought a black brother into the pulpit on Sunday morning. On May 18, 1859, pastoral relations were severed and twenty individuals left Hilltop Church to form the Second Presbyterian Church, on the same spot on which the Bailey Funeral Home stands today.