Mary Ruth4 Talmage & Ely Starr Oulson
Mary Ruth Talmage was born on April 29 1890 in Godfrey, Illinois to Louis Talmage and Clara E Turner. She married Ely Starr Oulson on October 19, 1910, in Godfrey, Illinois. Ely's parents were John Gilliabohorn Oulson, who emigrated from Norway, and Fannie Elizabeth Starr. The Oulson's had ten children including Ely.

Ruth and Ely had two children, Kenneth Starr Oulson and Vera Mildred Oulson.

Ely died on February 01, 1958 and Ruth died May 17, 1985, They are buried in Godfrey Cemetery, Godfrey, IL.

Ely Starr Oulson